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Clam shovel
Item #: DNC269941  UPC #: 032054000453
Manufacturer: Danielson Company
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So you've decided to go razor clam digging... good for you! You definitely need the right gear before you go.

The basic setup for a day of razor clamming includes:
 1) the correct license
 2) a clam shovel or clam gun
 3) a clam net bag to hold your catch

The Danielson clam shovel is one option of that necessary gear (the other option is a clam gun).

So how do you use it?

Once you've spotted a razor clam "show" (a donut, spot, or dimple) you need to follow these steps to pry out your molluscs. First: put the shovel's blade tip about 5 inches from your chosen spot with the BACK of the shovel facing the ocean -- so the handle will be facing away from the waves, probably toward the sand dunes. Next, put your back into it! Push the clam shovel blade straight down and drop down to one knee. Then, gently rock the clam shovel back and forth to make it easy to push down further. Be careful! You need to keep the shovel vertical (straight up-and-down) to make sure you don't break the razor clam shell. Finally, lift several scoops of sand out of the hole in a sliding fashion. It's a sort of lifting/rocking motion -- don't worry, you'll get a feel for it. Once you can fit your hand down the hole, quickly reach for your prize!

The Danielson clam shovel blade is strong steel and the 41" handle is solid ash wood, so you know it will hold up to sand and the occasional rock. The 9" long blade tapers from a 5" back to a 4" tip, and is securely fastened to the handle with rivets.
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