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Here's a link to the Bristol Bay Forecasts and other useful info from the UW. (There's more links on our links page and on our Naknek page.)

We sell the Momoi  brand of gillnetting, but can special order others.

We sell gear for all major commercial fisheries in Alaska including Bristol Bay, False Pass, Port Moller, Sand Point, Cook Inlet, Prince William Sound, and Southeast Alaska. Of course, we sell the most popular sizes and colors for each of the areas.

Color samples are loading at the bottom of this page.

Gillnetting is also available for Washington, Oregon, and California fisheries. Any gillnetting can be special ordered from the factory with a minimum of 90 days for delivery. The following styles are available:

Alaska Legal:

  • Supertwist (MST) - 10-12% stronger than Monotwist
  • Monotwist (No Center-Core)
  • Alaska 6 Style
  • MA-6 Super 6 Strand
  • Single Strand Monfilament: Legal only for herring in the State of Alaska.

State of Alaska law requires that gillnetting used for salmon must contain contain at least six filaments, each of which must be at least #1.5 size in diameter.

Four styles of gillnet fit into this category:

1) Monotwist Gillnet

- Made of various numbers of fibers all of a #1.5 size (0.20 mm diameter). Standard Strength.
The sizes are as follows:

  • MT #26______(#1.5 x 6 strands)
  • MT #29______(#1.5 x 7 strands)
  • MT #33______(#1.5 x 8 strands)
  • MT #43______(#1.5 x 9 strands)
  • MT #50______(#1.5 x 10 strands)
  • MT #63______(#1.5 x 12 strands)
  • MT #73______(#1.5 x 14 strands)
  • MT #83______(#1.5 x 16 strands)
  • MT #93______(#1.5 x 18 strands)
  • MT #123_____(#1.5 x 24 strands)

2) MST Gillnet

- Same construction as Monotwist, but uses M1-Super nylon for added strength.
The sizes are as follows:

  • MST #26______(#1.5 x 6 strands)
  • MST #29______(#1.5 x 7 strands)
  • MST #33______(#1.5 x 8 strands)
  • MST #43______(#1.5 x 9 strands)
  • MST #50______(#1.5 x 10 strands)
  • MST #63______(#1.5 x 12 strands)
  • MST #73______(#1.5 x 14 strands)

3) Alaska 6

AK-6 style consists of a constant strand count of six strands with the diameter of the individual strands increasing for additional strength.
The sizes are as follows:

  • AK-6 #29________(#1.75 x 6 strands)
  • AK-6 #33________(#2.00 x 6 strands)
  • AK-6 #43________(#2.25 x 6 strands)
  • AK-6 #50________(#2.50 x 6 strands)
  • AK-6 #63________(#3.00 x 6 strands)
  • AK-6 #73________(#3.50 x 6 strands)

4) MA 6

is the same strength as MST, butin 6-strand construction. It is 10-12% stronger than AK-6 through the use of M-1 Super Nylon.
The sizes are as follows:

  • MA-6 #29________(#1.75 x 6 strands)
  • MA-6 #33________(#2.00 x 6 strands)
  • MA-6 #43________(#2.25 x 6 strands)
  • MA-6 #50________(#2.50 x 6 strands)
  • MA-6 #63________(#3.00 x 6 strands)
  • MA-6 #73________(#3.50 x 6 strands)

Note - Some sizes are limited to a Double-Knot, but the majority of the sizes are available in MOMOI's patented No-Slip triple knot. Any color may be ordered off the MOMOI color chart for any type of gillnet. Shades produced by other manufacturers may also be ordered. Sample cards and price quotations are available on request.


Click here for a page you can print.

We have attempted to make these images true to the original color, but please bear in mind that the true color may vary depending on your viewing hardware. Sample color charts are available upon request. Custom colors can be produced based on customer provided sample.

Alaska #6 Salmon Net
Shade 69 Shade 3 Shade 2 Shade 1 Shade 95 Shade 66
Mono Twist Salmon Net
Shade 93 Shade 4 Shade 5 Shade 9 Shade 79 Shade 33
M-1 Super Twist Salmon Net
SHADE M-4 SHADE 15 Smokey Blue Silver Blue Smokey Blue
Tint Lt.
Shade M-4 Shade 15 Shade Smokey Blue Shade Silver Blue Shade Smokey Blue Tint Lt. Shade 29

Ring Knives

Made of aluminum for quick cutting of web when fishing or mending gillnets. Ring sizes 9-15.

Stock # Size
HTN09 9
HTN10 10
HTN11 11
HTN12 12
HTN13 13
HTN14 14
HTN15 15

Net Scissors

These scissors have stainless steel blades with 3/8" of serration for easier cutting. Scissors measure 6" overall.

Stock #


Net Scissors

Hot forged, chrome over nickel. Ball bearing hinge. Scissors measure 4-1/2" overall.

Stock #

Web Shears

Drop forged of special analysis Diamalloy steel, completely heat-treated and tempered to extreme toughness. Cutting edges are electronically hardened. All snips furnished with plastic handles.

Stock #
DIADS7H 7" Straight Snip

Loomis Fish Pick

Plastic construction.

Stock # Description
LPCFP001 Short handle, long hook, ring knife blade
LPCFP002 Long handle, long hook, ring knife blade

Net Scissors

Stainless steel blades, plastic handles. Scissors measure 5" overall.

Stock #

Quick Links

Available in stainless steel or galvanized. AISI 316 Stainless - France -

Click to order quick links
Model # Dia. Jaw Opening Breaking Strength/lbs.
SDG153003 1/8" 3/16" 2,420
SDG153005 3/16" 1/4" 4,950
SDG153006 1/4" 5/16" 7,150
SDG153008 5/16" 7/16" 12,000
SDG153010 3/8" 1/2" 19,800
SDG153012 1/2" 5/8" 27,500
SDG153014 9/16" 5/8" 38,500
SDG153016 5/8" 3/4" 49,500

2-Cell Marine Light

 Scotty Lights have been Discontinued

Net Bags

Polypropylene net bag measures 4' x 7'. New model has handle built in! Burlap sheets are also available.

Stock #Description
STP-2006-1Poly net bag w/handle
STP-2006Poly net bag
STP-8080Burlap 80" x 80" sheet
STP-88Burlap 8' x 8' sheet
STP-1010Burlap 10' x 10' sheet

Knot Protector

A specially developed device for covering exposed knots. Provides protection against hang-ups, but runs freely over rollers and onto drums. Made from high impact polystyrene. For ropes up to 5/8" diameter.

Stock #

Sacking Needle

Used for sewing up burlaps for storage and shipment of hung gillnets.

Stock #

Brailer Release

Used for releasing gillnet unloading brailers. Stainless steel construction.

Stock #
Please call

Brailer Hook

Used to hang brailers on inside of fish hold. Cast aluminum. Measures 4-1/2" overall.

Stock #

Screw Anchors

Hot dipped galvanized. Forged eye shaft.

Stock # Size
ANX04 4" x 54", 8.1 lbs.
ANX06 6" x 66", 10.9 lbs.
ANX08 8" x 66", 19.1 lbs.

Gillnet Floats ("Corks")


Fully grommeted float of medium density. 22 ounce average flotation salmon float. Available in Red or White.

Stock # Color Dia. x Length x Hole Size Avg. Buoyancy Pcs./Ctn.
BAOBL2W White 3-5/8" x 5-1/2" x 5/8" 22 ounce 108
BAOBL2R Red 3-5/8" x 5-1/2" x 5/8" 22 ounce 108
BAOBL2Y Yellow 3-5/8" x 5-1/2" x 5/8" 22 ounce 108


Smaller medium density float fully grommeted for use in certain salmon and herring gillnet fisheries. Popular in S.E. Alaska.

Stock # Color Dia. x Length x Hole Size Avg. Buoyancy Pcs./Ctn.
BAOBLSW White 3-1/4" x 5" x 5/8" 16 ounce 147

For more information on gillnetting call Steve Brooks or Mark Grant.
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