Polar fleece pants
Medium-weight fleece pants for work or play. These comfortable trousers provide comfort and warmth for every day wear. They're light enough to wear under heavier rain gear like bibs, too.
Great for blocking the windchill when you're out on the water or stepping out in cold conditions. Guy Cotten states these pants block up to 4 times the wind-blocking strength, when compared to other activewear bottoms.

These pants feature Polartec Wind Pro "hardfaced" fleece fabric, and are designed to repel water and dry very quickly after getting wet. An addition of 5% Spandex makes sure that they fit comfortably on just about anyone. These pants also have Cordura knee reinforcement, and a Cordura-lined side pocket, with a flap. Cordura fabric is well-known in the commercial fishing industry as a durable, anti-scuff and anti-tear material. Here, it helps to fight knee holes in your pants, and adds a touch of character. The side pocket is large enough to fit your cell phone, wallet, and other essentials. There are two standard handwarmer pockets on these pants, too.

These Polar fleece trousers aren't just durable; they're comfortable, and designed to hang loosely with a drawstring cord and an elastic waist. Velcro at both ankles makes it easy to adjust them to fit however you'd like: tight to keep out the cold and moisture, loose for comfort, or anywhere in between.

Color: Black.
Available in sizes extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and double extra large.
Manufacturer's part numbers include: POL-BK, POL.
Made in the United States of America.
Guy Cotten