Our 4" mesh medium-impact netting is suitable for all uses except high impact.

These larger-mesh nets are great for surrounding a practice area or field for sports with larger balls.

Typically, this includes football, soccer, volleyball, basketball. You can put a net behind the goal line, along the sidelines or along the fence to protect your neighbors' windows.

Please click below for more information about our 4" mesh medium-impact netting. If you'd like to talk to our netting department, call us at (800) 426-2783, or email us at customerservice@seamar.com.

4" Medium-Impact Netting

These are our standard 4" mesh flat sport net panels, 10' high and up to 40' wide!

These nets are useful as a barrier at the practice court or field, at home or at school

This netting is designed to provide years of service. The high-strength polyethylene is permanently black in color, and has excellent resistance to UV degradation by the sun's rays. It is made from #21 twine, for medium-impact, general-purpose backyard and field use.

Rope edging is standard on four sides of all net panels. Ten-foot rope extensions on the four corners will help you tie the net where you need it.

Installation accessories, such as poles, are not included.

Customers have used this 4" medium-impact barrier netting for football and soccer fields or practice areas and around volleyball and basketball courts.

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