Forged steel black kedge anchor
The kedge anchor has been an essential part of commercial longline fishing for decades. A typical use would be as part of a longline fishing setup, typically by holding fast at the end of leadline, secured to a float. Kedge anchors are also sometimes used for set net applications, in conjunction with a screw anchor and appropriate shackle of gillnet.

Kedge anchors may also be carried aboard a yacht or sailboat and used in a variety of ways. "Kedging off" is one sailing technique that can be used if you're "high and dry" -- stuck on a sandbar or other soft bottom. You start by tying an anchor to a line, carry it in a skiff, dinghy, or even on a life preserver ring and set it securely in deeper water. Then you use various ways of pulling your sailboat back into a safe position. Don't attempt this without proper training, of course!

These anchors are manufactured in a traditional shape, with tapered flukes that are designed to dig into the seabed and hold on securely, and are equipped with an integrated ring for attaching a shackle and chain on the anchor head.

Each of these anchors is made in the USA from high-quality steel, using the classical forging process. First, hot rolled steel is carefully chosen, while closely following a strict quality-control process. Next, the steel is worked with the traditional hammer and die method. This creates in a solid steel kedge anchor with a grainy finish. Lastly, the anchor is coated with a weatherproofing asphalt paint solution. This coating helps to prevent rust and (with proper maintenance) will help to extend the service life of the steel. The final result is a compact, well-proportioned kedge anchor that you can count on, no matter the conditions.

Includes a standard moveable break-away stock bar for simple rigging.
Kedge anchor pins are available, but are sold separately.

Available in various sizes (weights) from 15 pounds to 90 pounds, usually in five pound increments. All anchors are stamped with a weight number mark on the top of the shank.

Please call if you are looking for a specific size and cannot find it.
We will find a custom kedge anchor solution to fit your needs.

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