Our 3/4" mesh medium-impact sport netting has the smallest size mesh we offer.

It's great for sports with smaller balls, like Ping-Pong (table tennis) or golf, around the tennis courts, and in racquetball courts. Our customers have found uses for it both inside and outside.

If you're looking for a barrier net with a smaller-sized mesh, this is going to be the perfect netting for you.

Now, there's no reason you can't use this 3/4" netting for sports with larger-diameter balls, either.

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3/4" Medium-Impact Netting

Our 3/4" mesh in a #9 twine is suitable for all uses except high-impact.

It is available 12' or 25' high panels, in lengths up to 60'.

These nets are useful as a barrier at the home, at school or at the ballpark -- built from #9 twine, for medium-impact backyard and field use. They are great for many sports setups, except for backstops, or behind lacrosse or hockey goals and other high-velocity locations.

This netting is designed to provide years of service. The high-strength polyethylene is permanently black in color, and has excellent resistance to UV degradation by the sun's rays. There are no external dyes or chemicals to wash off or harm your pets. All of our nets are hung square so they are easier to see through.

Rope edging is standard on four sides of all net panels. Ten-foot rope extensions on the four corners will help you tie the net where you need it.

Bulk netting comes with rope edging standard on two sides of the width but not the ends: 12' or 25' high in any cut length you need up to 200'.

Installation accessories, such as poles, are not included.

Customers have used this 3/4" medium-impact barrier netting for baseball, soccer, cricket, football, hockey, lacrosse, softball fields and practice areas and around volleyball and basketball courts.

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