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7/64" AMSTEEL BLUE AmSteel-Blue rope, 7/64"

Item #:SAM872007 
Manufacturer: Samson Rope
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AmSteel-Blue: top-of-the-line SK-75 fiber synthetic Dyneema rope. Unparalleled in strength-to-weight ratio, yet it floats! A perfect replacement for wire rope with excellent wear resistance. AmSteel-Blue is extremely thin yet incredibly strong, making it great for spearfishing, billfishing, winching or anywhere strength and light weight is needed.  Makes a great wakeboard tow line too!
- 12-strand, single-braid construction
- Extremely low stretch rating
- Superior flex fatigue and wear resistance
- Samthane coating for abrasion and cut resistance
- Torque-free and UV stabilized material
- Diameter: 7/64". Average strength: 1600 pounds.
- Color: Blue 
- Weight per 100 feet (lbs) = .3