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Clam gun - aluminum
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It's razor clam season! When the weather starts getting colder, it's time to head to the coast!

The Pacific razor clam is one of the most popular types of shellfish harvested in Washington state. They're super meaty with a narrow, slightly curved shell -- much like the handle or blade of an old-style straight razor. (The edge of the clamshell can be "razor-sharp" too, so watch your fingers when you're digging!)

The folks that live in the Pacific Northwest are lucky to have one of the best razor clam locations in the world. Digging for these delicious clams is a fun activity suitable for all members of your family, from kids to grandparents. Depending on where you go, you might see as many as a thousand other razor clam seekers sharing the beach. But don't worry: there are plenty of razor clams for everyone.

So how do you prepare to go razor clam digging?

You definitely need the right gear before you go.
The basic setup for a day of razor clamming includes:
 1) The correct license
 2) A clam shovel or clam gun
 3) A clam net bag to hold your catch

First, make sure you have the proper Washington state license. You will need a razor clam license to harvest clams legally (or one of the shellfish/seaweed combo licenses, there are several different kinds). You can order one online, by phone, or at an authorized license dealer. Once you have it, you'll need to keep that license in your possession while you're digging and after you've caught your limit (in case a ranger needs to inspect it).

Next, you'll need a tool to actually dig down and pull those elusive clams out of the sand. The Danielson clam gun is one option of that necessary gear (the other option is a clam shovel).

This clam gun has been engineered specifically for removing razor clams from sandy ocean beaches. Its ultra-light corrosion-resistant aluminum construction make it easy to transport, while staying strong enough to burrow into any shore in pursuit of shellfish.

Measuring 31" in length, it features a 5" x 15" barrel with a 1-3/16" x 10" T-handle with a polycarbonate lining to pad your hands a little bit. (Some people consider the aluminum Danielson razor clam gun to be the Cadillac of clam guns.)

Now, like the old-time clam expert says: "Ya can't dig ya clams at high tide." After you've found your spot at LOW tide, go searching along the shore for dimples in the sand.

So how do you use a clam gun?

Set your clam gun barrel off-center with more sand on the side facing the water. Push down while twisting back and forth, rocking in a circular manner. Once the barrel is as deep as you can go, block the air vent on the underside of the handle with your finger, then pull straight up. When you remove your finger from the vent hole, a core of sand will drop out onto the beach -- and this is where your razor clam will be, if you've got the clammer's luck.

If you want to know more about clam gun usage, try watching a video or two before you go.

Berkley / Danielson / PureFish
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